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How should I prep for a tattoo?

✧ . Most important thing is to eat before you come in.
✧ . Take a shower so you’re nice and clean.
✧ . If we are tattooing a hairy spot(legs/arms), shaving that area beforehand is always helpful.
✧ . Bringing a drink or snacks is always recommended.
✧ . Think about where you are getting tattooed when planning your outfit! If the tattoo will be on your hip, bring some shorts.
Forearm piece: make sure your sleeves can roll up. Spine or back: you can wear a flannel and then wear it backwards during the tattoo. 

We just need access to the spot and want both our clients and artists to be comfortable.

How to be a good client

✧ . Come in with good energy! c:

✧ . Show up on time. Some of our artists run a tight schedule and if you are too late, you might need to reschedule.
If you run into traffic or something happens, please let your artist know over instagram or email so they know what's happening.

✧ . If you have to reschedule, please give 48hr notice so your artist can try to find someone to replace your appointment.

✧ . If something happens last minute, we would rather know what’s happening last minute than have a no call/no show.

✧ . Feel free to bring a buddy and snacks/drinks to your appointment. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

How does pricing work?

✧ . Pricing varies between each of our artists but generally the price depends on size, placement, and design.

You can reach out to your artist for a quote

Where are we located?

✧ .  169 W Liberty, Plymouth, MI 48170 c:

✧ .  We are on the second floor! There is no elevator so please plan accordingly

I cannot make it to my appointment…

✧ . We fully understand that life happens. Tattoos are a luxury item and we want to make sure that you take care of yourself and those around you before getting a tattoo. If you have an appointment and cannot make it for whatever reason, please reach out to your artist as soon possible so they can either reschedule you or talk through options.

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