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Aftercare Tips:


✧ . Don’t soak your new tattoo in water. You can still shower, just no swimming or baths. 

✧ . Lotion two or three times a day! Just a thin layer, you don’t have to go crazy. This is the most important thing you can do for your fresh tattoo since it prevents cracking and scabbing. 


✧ . Unscented lotion is best because it doesn’t have all the extra ingredients. If you use scented, it might just sting the first two days while it’s still an open wound. For that reason, we recommend unscented lotion of any brand for at least the first week of healing.


✧ . NO VASCELINE ! Vaseline does not allow the skin to breathe, so it will smother your tattoo which could pull the ink out.


✧ . Stay out of the sun and do not go tanning. Your skin is still healing and any sun burns, scrapes, and scratches can easily remove ink from your tattoo.


✧ . Around day 3-4, the top layer of skin will peel off your tattoo and it will look a little weird. Try your best to ignore it, do not pick at it, do not scratch it - just keep applying thin layers of lotion and it will heal fine. Your tattoo is in your second layer of skin, so that entire first layer we went through will have to peel off.

✧ . The entire healing process is usually 2-3 weeks. The less dry your skin is, the faster it will heal.

       Areas further from your heart can take longer for your body to heal(ankles/feet)



✧ . Tips for specific areas: 
      Ribs: To prevent any excessive rubbing or itching that could potentially take ink out, try to either not wear a bra or wear something soft during the healing period - nothing itchy.

      Hip: Same thing as the ribs, you want to prevent any excessive rubbing or itching. Try to wear items that are soft and be careful of itchy things like thick seams on denim.

      Ankles: Since this area is further from your heart, it could take a little longer to fully heal. Just keep putting lotion on until the skin feels normal again. Additionally, you want to avoid rough socks or shoes that could rub on your healing tattoo.

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